frequently asked questions

Q: What can Allinque do for me?
A: In order to determine what we can do for you, ask yourself the following questions:
1. what is it that you want to spend your time doing?
2. What are the things that are getting in the way?
3. Of that list, what do you not have to do personally?
We then take over and do it for you, giving you back your precious time to spend with Family, and Friends. In other words, we can arrange to have anything done for you as long as it follows our code of ethics.

Q : Which plan is best for me? Can you help me choose one?
A : No one knows what you want to do better than you. We can offer our opinion, but in the end, you know what you need best. The best way to choose a plan is to figure out, approximately, the number of hours of work you want us to do per month. A good way to approximate this is by thinking of the kind of tasks you would delegate to allinque.

If you have one time tasks that don’t repeat frequently, we recommend exploring our ‘Allinque it On the Go’ hours.

If you have repetitive tasks and require someone to manage different aspects of your life or even simply have the ability to call and have access to an assistant, “Allinque it Lifestyle Packages’ is the way to go.

Q : Are the messenger hours included in my monthly hours ?
A : Yes the maximum messenger hours for your package are included in the hours for the month which vary by type of Lifestyle package. However, you can always swap PA hours for messenger hours or even purchase additional Allinque it on the go hours.

Q: . What is a swap option? What is a swap rate? What does it mean to swap hours?
A: Some allinquers require more messenger hours than the included amount in their monthly packages. For this reason, we allow our valued allinquers to swap the additional unrequired PA hours for messenger hours.

The swap rate is the rate of conversion and is always 2PA hours for 1 Messenger Hour

Example: You are a Bronze Allinquer and have 10 total hours (upto 2 messenger hours)
You would like to have 3 more Messenger Hours
You swap 6PA hours for 3 Messenger Hours
You are left with 5 Messenger Hours and 2 PA Hours

Q: Do I get a Dedicated PA when I sign up?
A: Dedicated PAs are available only for Gold
Allinquers. Why not try it now?

Q: If I sign up for Gold Membership, will my dedicated PA be available to me 24/7 ?
A: For Gold allinquers the Dedicated PA will be available 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunday through Thursday. However, Sunday through Thursday after 6:00 pm and on Saturdays Gold members will have our other PAs available for them.

Q: What happens if I do not use my hours within the month?
A: We encourage our members to use up the hours; however some hours will be rolled over for Gold Allinquers (see membership packages)

Q: Will I get a break up of my usage of PA hours and Messenger hours?
A : Yes, we track your time separately for the PA and Messenger and this is done for every request received, thus, we can provide you with a statement of the time spent on each request should it be necessary.

Q : Can I allow my friend/ secretary/ colleague/ son/ daughter/ spouse to use my plan?
A : Sure! Our option of nominating a co-member allows you to authorize another person you want to use the services, however we will keep you in the loop for all request made by this person.

Q : If I've used up the hours I have before the month ends, can I still get more work done?
A : If your hours for the month have been exhausted then we will inform you and you may continue services by either purchasing “Allinque it on the go” hours for that month or by upgrading to a higher package.

Q: Can I upgrade my membership to a higher package or downgrade to a lower package?
A: You may upgrade at anytime by paying the difference in the membership fees based on your current package.

For downgrades, you will be billed as per you existing membership for the month of the downgrade. For every subsequent month the downgraded membership fees will be charged.

Q: I need something specialized done, can you do it?

A : Please get in touch with us with any of your requests; we are capable of handling so many different things. We'll get back to you as soon as possible if we can do it or not. If we can’t we will give you options to outsource your request to a specialized provider

Q : What if you can't do some of my tasks?

A : If we can't get something done with our in-house team, we will try our best to find someone in the emirate who can do it for you.

Q : Can you make online purchases of books, CDs, flowers... on my behalf?

A : Yes. We can make purchases on your behalf using your credit card details which will be given to the authorized person only.

Q : Why do you need 30 days prior notice for all plan changes (packages upgrade and downgrade) and cancellations?
A : We want to provide flexible plans and services. However, in order to keep our pricing competitive, we need 30 days to reorganize our resources efficiently.

Q: Can you do an urgent messenger task for me?
A: In order to best meet our Allinquers’ schedules, it is important we schedule tasks in advance. However, should you require urgent messenger service, we charge a nominal fee of AED100 and then use your available messenger hours.

Q : Will I be satisfied with the quality of Vendors provided by Allinque ?
A : We are currently building our network of preferred vendors and while doing so we make sure that we partner with the best in the industry, however we do no guarantee the service, product or quality of the third party vendors. .

Q: What do I do in case I have a complaint or suggestion?
A: You may direct all your complaints and suggestions to This email will be reviewed by the Management team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.